start from scratch2


concept was envisioned not as a thing but as a place where your project is centralized and fully accessible, with collaborative features designed around a simple tool.

Instead of starting a project literally "from scratch", you start from a more powerful foundation, "scratch squared" or scratch2.

You initiate that project in a certain place, and build your tools, your information and your organization around that central place.

We designed scratch2 wide-open so it can deal with many types of projects. From web development projects, to auto repair, and even remodeling a home - scratch2 is flexible, easy to use, and free.


The scratch2 Project Manager is designed to bring many elements of a project together in a simplified fashion, from Mockups, Specs and individual Tasks, to Documentation and Discussions. All of it becomes centralized, and easy to access.

scratch2 Workspaces keep you organized and centralized. As an individual or a business, it helps to have all of your tools in one place. That's why we created Workspaces. Workspaces are kind of like Bookmarks on steroids. Your workspace can tie into your Project Manager, but you can also list other 3rd party tools and organize it how you wish. It is as simple as having a link to each tool, or as advanced as using our Workspace API to display custom information within your Workspaces.

We also provide a couple of basic utilities such as a Notepad and basic Checklists for tracking basic information and simple tasks. Sometimes you don't need a "Project", you just need a basic Checklist. You can do that with


Every user is different, every business is different. From an individual who wants to organize their home remodeling, to a pizza shop, to an online business - they all have unique needs.

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scratch2 was originally designed by a veteran web programmer, based on the idea that software should never constrict users into working a certain way - it should allow users businesses to operate as they would naturally.

Project Management software should help that process and make it more efficient. We found that existing project management tools didn't make the cut. Even the popular tools are expensive, lack many features, and lack the efficient, streamlined design they need to.